1800Wheelchair Launches – The World's Lightest Wheelchair

NEW YORK, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — After more than 20 years in the business and over a million customers, 1800Wheelchair launches a new wheelchair brand – “Feather Chair”, composed of the lightest mobility products for seniors including lightweight wheelchairs. In late 2018, the 1800Wheelchair team launched its flagship product, The Feather Chair to the market – weighing only 13lbs., making it the world’s lightest wheelchair. Fast forward to today, The Feather Chair has 289 five-star reviews and quickly became 1800Wheelchair’s top seller among hundreds of options on their website. The success of this product has given birth to an entirely new line of lightweight wheelchairs and scooter options for any shape, size, or age.

Joseph Piekarski, the founder, and CEO of 1800wheelchair noted his inspiration for starting the company, “I realized that wheelchairs are ugly, bulky and heavy making it super difficult to lift a wheelchair into a car. So we decided to create a brand of mobility product for seniors that are beautiful, compact, and super light, starting with the world’s lightest wheelchair so that our customers can travel anywhere!….as the senior population is getting larger it’s important that they stay active, we need to provide products to help them stay in the game…The Feather Chair is easy for anyone to lift into a car and transport, weighing only 13lbs.” Beyond the attractiveness of the weight of the Feather Chair is the cost. Because 1800Wheelchair is the manufacturer and the distributor, they have been able to ensure the highest quality product and the lowest cost, making lightweight mobility more affordable.

Gaining momentum among new customers, 1800Wheelchair has added the following super light mobility additions to their product line:

Piekarski expressed that this is only the beginning of the lightweight product line and is looking into the future to continue to develop lightweight, affordable, and beautiful mobility solutions for its customers.

For more information please check out their product line here, https://www.1800wheelchair.com/category/exclusive/

Joseph Piekarski


SOURCE 1800Wheelchair

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