A Closer Look Announces First-Party Research Report Unveiling Concerns and Considerations in the Senior Living Landscape

Prominent customer experience research firm, A Closer Look, announced its first annual independent research report, “Exploring Concerns and Considerations in the Senior Living Landscape: A Closer Look’s Independent Research.”

ATLANTA, Aug. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The senior living landscape is changing rapidly as the baby boomer generation shapes demographic trends. With 10,000 individuals turning 65 daily, seniors’ share of the population is projected to exceed 20% by 2030. Understanding prospective residents’ concerns is crucial due to the increasing demand for senior living options.

A Closer Look’s report reveals independent research findings on key concerns of individuals assessing senior living options. The objective analysis provides invaluable insights and best practices, encouraging senior living communities to conduct similar research to exceed prospective residents’ expectations. The report outlines critical concerns expressed by respondents evaluating senior living options:

  1. Caregiver Support: Concerns about unsupportive caregivers and high turnover rates in assisted living communities caused discomfort and inconvenience.
  2. Staff Qualifications: Participants raised concerns about caregivers lacking necessary skills and training, leading to doubts about the quality of care.
  3. Neglect or Abuse: Alarmingly, some respondents reported instances of neglect, abuse, and property theft by caregivers, raising significant concerns about resident safety and well-being.
  4. Quality: Concerns about the overall quality of services, facilities, and living conditions included issues with cleanliness, hygiene standards, lack of amenities, and unmet expectations.
  5. Profit-Driven Operators: Respondents expressed skepticism about some assisted living operators, perceiving them as primarily driven by financial gain rather than genuinely caring about residents’ well-being.

“We are thrilled to unveil our inaugural comprehensive report on the senior living landscape,” shared Chris Gillen, CEO of A Closer Look. “This first-party research provides data-driven insights that empower senior living communities to optimize their operations efficiently and thrive in today’s dynamic market.”

Other findings in the report include:

  1. Cost as a Deterrent: Over 91% of respondents identified cost as a major concern. Higher-quality communities were seen as cost-prohibitive without financial assistance, while more affordable options may compromise care quality, amenities, and staff qualifications.
  2. Alternatives to Assisted Living: A considerable percentage of respondents showed openness to alternatives like living with family or relying on occasional check-ins from friends or relatives. Home care was also popular, offering greater independence, comfort, and perceived reduced risk of elder abuse.

Despite concerns, respondents acknowledged that some senior living communities excel in providing exceptional care, offering restaurant-style dining, diverse amenities, extra safety features, and a high staff-to-resident ratio. Residents value the socialization opportunities and the ability to maintain independence with readily available assistance.

To foster trust, alleviate worries, and meet resident expectations, senior living operators are encouraged to implement best practices that improve caregiver support, enhance staff qualifications, prioritize quality, increase transparency and more.

For more information on A Closer Look’s research report or to access the full findings, please visit www.a-closer-look.com.

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