An All-In Moving Service: United Regions Van Lines Looks to Make Long-Distance Moves a Breeze

MILWAUKEE, Sept. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — United Regions Van Lines is developing a complete service package for long-distance interstate moves in the hopes to offer clients a one-stop shop.

Moving is often cited as one of the 5 biggest stressors that an individual can face in a lifetime. Long-distance moving is an even tougher undertaking. Despite this, the issues and stressors involved in such moves are often overlooked. United Regions Van Lines, a moving company that has been in the industry for over two decades, have seen the toughest tasks involved in these moves. Accordingly, they are doing their part to help ease the difficulties of moving by developing an ‘All-In’ moving service.

What does this service exactly entail? Simply, United Regions Van Lines is developing their business in such a way so as to provide their clients with practically every service they may need to make a successful and efficient long-distance move.

For clients, this means they will only ever have to be in contact with one entity. Often, a major point of concern for clients is having to sort and sift through the maze of customer service pathways in order to get a straight answer. This is particularly an issue when clients have to deal with a variety of different services in regard to a single move. By reducing the number of parties involved to 1, clients will know exactly who to contact for all their concerns.

What this also means is that clients can rest assured that their entire move is taken care of by United Regions Van Lines. Every process and every staff member involved is an employee of the company. Since none of the work is outsourced, this allows United Regions to have total control of the process and in this way, they can guarantee high-quality results for their clients.

In more detail, in order to deliver on the promise of an ‘all-in’ service, United Regions Van Lines is providing furniture and equipment disassembly, a complete packing service, efficient and secure transport, highly-protected storage solutions, and unloading at a client’s final location.

When it comes to moving, many service providers simply arrive at a client’s home, pick up their inventory, and relocate it. Others offer packing and unpacking services in addition to relocation. United Regions Van Lines, however, takes it a step further by not only providing packing and unpacking services but also taking care of the disassembly process. Even when it comes to highly delicate equipment and furniture, such as a priceless chandelier, the moving staff is well-trained to safely take down, disassemble, and securely pack the delicate furniture to guarantee its safety. The best part is, it’s all taken care of by them.

When it comes to packing, they work around clients’ schedules and timelines to provide the most convenient service possible. United Regions Van Lines highly recommends that clients allow them to handle the entire packing process. This is to ensure the safety and security of all inventory items. As a matter of fact, most damages occur due to improper packing on the part of clients. This is exactly why the company welcomes the opportunity to handle the process.

Nonetheless, United Regions still provides clients with the recommended packing materials should they choose to pack their inventory themselves. Their inventory of packing materials and procedures is expansive enough to cover items as small as valuable handheld heirlooms all the way to large machinery. In this way, United Regions maintains their goal of providing an ‘All-in’ service.

In addition to taking care of all of the previously mentioned moving services, United Regions Van Lines takes their service even further by providing disposal services for large commercial clients. Waste and disposal are an often-unavoidable part of the moving process that often goes unaccounted for.

Finally, to truly situate themselves in a strong position to deliver moves across the United States, United Regions Van Lines has strategically built warehouses across the nation. Their warehouses are located in California, Washington, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado. This spread allows them to provide a truly efficient and secure service to the vast majority of the country.

About United Regions Van Lines: United Regions Van Lines is the product of the dedicated work of a group of friends. For over 20 years, this moving company has specialized in exclusively long-distance interstate moves for clients of varying sizes. URVL is developing an all-inclusive service package that takes care of all aspects of the moving process. Their service extends from coast to coast and border to border covering many states but particularly focusing on the mid-west, the south, and the west coast. Learn more about United Regions Van Lines at

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