ASPEN Responds to “Snovid-21,” Launches Its Post-COVID Program

LEWISVILLE, Texas, March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On Friday, February 12th, COVID-weary care providers across Texas prepared to face yet another disaster. Weather forecasts predicted historic winter storms, and road conditions were already becoming hazardous. During their weekly Friday video conference, Lewisville-based Aspen Home Health and Hospice set its Emergency Response Plan in motion: Critical visits that were scheduled for Monday were advanced to the weekend. Hotel rooms were booked near the most clinically-fragile patients’ homes. In an extraordinary display of dedication and goodwill, several nurses and respiratory therapists volunteered to stay in these hotels, apart from their families, for almost a week. They made hundreds of calls to review each patient’s individualized emergency plan, get back-up generators serviced, deliver extra oxygen tanks, order extra medical supplies, and refill prescriptions.

As the storm moved in and the rolling blackouts began, they provided education to patients and families on how to prevent hypothermia during record-low temperatures and prolonged power outages. Amid the raging storm, icy roads, broken pipes, and dark homes, nurses dressed wounds and administered IV antibiotics while respiratory therapists managed ventilators and provided lung expansion therapy and trach care to at-home ventilator patients. Once temperatures rose, the snow and ice melted away to reveal the fruits of their labor. The phones rang with grateful patients and family members, praising and thanking their care team for checking on them and making sure their needs were met.

In the midst of the storm, Aspen’s leadership team was hard at work finalizing its Post-COVID Program. And now, Aspen is proud to announce that the program has officially launched. The program’s goal is to provide community-based pulmonary rehabilitation to post-COVID patients who are still suffering from respiratory illness. To accomplish this goal, Aspen teamed up with Lewisville-based Jouett RT Associates, a stalwart in at-home respiratory care.

Developed with the help of pulmonologists and highly-skilled respiratory therapists, Aspen’s Post COVID-Program is designed to meet patients’ individual needs. When a patient is admitted to the program, a Respiratory Therapist provides in-home spirometry testing along with a thorough respiratory assessment and develops individualized care plan. The RT then provides research-based therapy and teaching to improve patient lung function. Upon discharge, the RT performs a follow-up spirometry test to track outcomes and monitor improvement. This program can stand alone or in conjunction with a patient’s existing home health or hospice care.

Whether it’s a pandemic or a freak snow storm, these times of trial have challenged Aspen Healthcare and Hospice to prove its mettle. In response to a disastrous situation, the Aspen team displayed an unwavering commitment to patient care. As a result, its most vulnerable patients were kept safe at home. And now, Aspen is excited to provide a new way to help our community recover from COVID-19. Together, we will arrive at a stronger and healthier tomorrow.

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