Blind Entrepreneur Creates Calendar/Planner Designed to Revolutionize the Way Seniors and Low-Vision Users Organize Their Lives

ROCHESTER, Minn., Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — EZ2See Products ( has begun selling the 2021 edition of its innovative large-space, large-print calendar/planner on, B2B, and direct to consumers, exclusively through Prevent Products, Inc.,, a long-established aging-in-place marketer.

Since the initial 2016 edition, creator and company owner Edward Cohen felt strongly about making EZ2See Products available nationwide, through a unified sales platform, to make the daily planner more widely available to customers who have been searching for an accessible solution.

“Some products use larger print, but the overall designs lack the suite of features needed by those with declining vision or who need an extra-large writing space,” Cohen says. “Large fonts alone are not enough.”

Driven by his own frustration with typical, well-intentioned but ineffective designs, Cohen systematically created a calendar/planner that met his needs. When he was done tweaking contrast, layout, and typography, associates wanted their own copies, so Cohen came out of retirement to start EZ2See Products.

“If you can use them, smartphone and PC-based digital calendars are wonderful tools,” says Cohen, “but if you can’t, or if you prefer the physicality or familiarity of a full-size, printed day planner, there’s no substitute.”

But available layouts favor stylish graphics over readability and usability. For those who have declining vision or are dealing with other challenges such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s, otherwise attractive design elements often create clutter, take up space, and cause confusion.

Finally, a Calendar You Can See™

The EZ2See Large Print Weekly Calendar has full-size, 8.5- x 11-inch pages that are printed on heavy-weight paper and spiral-bound with a high-quality, laminated cover to ensure moisture resistance and durability.

Using only bold black ink—with fonts that are more than 10 times larger than newsprint—daily cells are nearly the size of two 3- x 5-inch index cards, and the black page borders mean no more writing off the edge of the page!

EZ2See’s calendar/planner also offers useful accessories including bold, no-bleed pens and EZ2See Sticky Notes. This is a company that literally uses the product it makes. See complete details and countless user testimonials at

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