CareFlash and Texas Oncology Collaborate to Enhance Togetherness and Empathy throughout Healing Journeys

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CareFlash and Texas Oncology announced today that the organizations have entered into a collaborative agreement that leverages togetherness, empathy and nostalgia in enhancing healing and aging journeys. This agreement provides patients, families and communities access to CareFlash’s signature platform, The Careopolis, "A Metropolis of Love and Empathy." 

A Careopolis is an online "caring community," created and operated by a patient and/or a family caretaker and invited loved ones. It contains components and content that enhance the quality and durability of how loved ones engage throughout healing or aging journeys. These include: a collaboration calendar, community blog, interactive storytelling tool, photo-sharing capabilities, 3-D medical animations and more. Each Careopolis is invitation-only, mobile-friendly and multilingual. It enhances how loved ones become and remain:

  • Engaged as a supportive fabric of connectedness
  • Empowered with empathy, more than just sympathy
  • More along for the journey, and less part of the landscape

"The physicians who founded Texas Oncology in 1986 were forward-looking physicians, determined to make high-touch, evidence-based, community-focused cancer care a reality," said CareFlash CEO Jay Drayer.  "This collaboration advances that mission by enhancing the quality and durability of how loved ones engage – in strengthening togetherness, socialization and peace of mind."

Said R. Steven Paulson, M.D., president, and chairman of Texas Oncology: "Beyond enhancing connectedness and quality of life, CareFlash exemplifies Texas Oncology’s core values and commitment to innovation by strengthening outlook, optimism and resilience which are especially important throughout the extended health journeys that tend to accompany cancer care.  Quality patient care comes first at Texas Oncology and this new collaboration elevates that commitment even higher."

Said Stephanie Broussard, MSSW, LCSW-S, APHSW-C, director, palliative care and social work, Texas Oncology: "Texas Oncology has worked with CareFlash since March 2021.  We have been pleasantly surprised by the growing numbers of families adopting and using the Careopolis tool.  In these days of social separation, people living through involved illnesses need to steer clear of compromising their wellness.  Seeing the impressive growth curve of families using the Careopolis Communities, we know people find this helpful and even needed.  We look forward to its efficacy in continuing to empower families and even neighborhood groups to stay connected and support each other throughout some of life’s most challenging circumstances."

About CareFlash
CareFlash was founded in 2005 out of a lengthy caretaking experience surrounding a loved one.  It has built a longstanding reputation for empowering hundreds of organizations who value the importance of enhancing togetherness, quality of life and peace of mind.  Now into its 17th year, CareFlash’s partner organizations range broadly throughout acute, post-acute, chronic, cognitive, behavioral, prosthetic, hospice/palliative, senior living, payer, home care, faith-based, funeral and professional services organizations.  For more information, visit  

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