CareFlash Empowers Funeral Homes with Empathy & Nostalgia in Celebrating a Loved One’s Memory

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CareFlash continues to diversify its partner base beyond healthcare, senior-care, rehabilitation, prosthetic and hospice organizations – today announcing new partnerships throughout the funeral industry with: Chicago Jewish Funerals, Butler Funeral Homes, Hillcrest Mortuary, Donelson Funeral Chapel, Restlawn Funeral Home, Care Cremation, Memory Gardens and Clearstone Memorial Partners.

The partnerships empower these funeral organizations to offer CareFlash’s signature platform, "The Careopolis, A Metropolis of Love and Empathy." This is an online "caring community," created and operated by a family and invited loved ones. Each Careopolis contains integrated components and content that enhance the quality and durability in how loved ones engage throughout healing or aging journeys; chronic or cognitive illness; or in celebrating a loved one’s memory. Each Careopolis contains: an interactive storytelling tool, collaboration calendar, photo/video-sharing capabilities, BLOG, 3-D medical animations and much more.

Adds CareFlash founder, Jay Drayer, "I launched CareFlash in 2005 after a lengthy caretaking experience surrounding a loved one whose illness resulted in their passing. Caring for them required nonstop attention, family updates and organizing support. Loved ones want to engage but don’t know how. Families crave socialization but are lukewarm about all the repetitive well-wishes and sympathies. Friends keep asking ‘How can we help?’, but engagement remains consistently thin. The uncertainty between doctor appointments crushes your optimism and resilience. Caretakers need respite but grow weary anticipating it. Much of this carries over, even long after having lost a loved one. CareFlash was created to strengthen engagement and empower caretakers and loved ones throughout life’s most challenging journeys."

Adds David Jacobson, founder, Chicago Jewish Funerals, "This partnership with CareFlash advances our mission and core values. Our profession tends to be ‘high-touch and low-tech’ and we value CareFlash’s ability to enhance the quality and durability in how loved ones engage – strengthening togetherness and peace-of-mind."

Adds Chris Butler, CEO, Butler Funeral Homes, "CareFlash exemplifies our longstanding commitment to innovation. Strengthening togetherness is critical as families navigate losing a loved one and celebrating their memory. Quality family care comes first at Butler Funeral Homes and this collaboration further elevates that commitment."

Adds JC Aubry, Regional VP, Restlawn Memory Gardens & Funeral Home, "In these times of social separation and challenges traveling and connecting, it is increasingly difficult to engage around loved ones who are ill, aging or grieving. The Careopolis extends the priority that our team places on fostering togetherness and peace-of-mind. Loved ones can engage from wherever they are – leveraging connectedness, empathy and nostalgia to enhance outcomes."

Adds Bill Jaehnig, Partner, Memory Gardens Memorial Park & Mortuary, "We have worked with CareFlash since May 2021 and been pleasantly surprised by the growing numbers of families adopting and using the Careopolis tool. Seeing the impressive growth of families and communities using it, we know people find this helpful and even needed."

About CareFlash, LLC
Now into its 17th year, CareFlash has built a longstanding reputation for empowering hundreds of organizations who value the importance of enhancing quality-of-life and peace-of-mind. CareFlash’s partner organizations range broadly throughout the acute, post-acute, chronic, cognitive, behavioral, prosthetic, hospice/palliative, senior living, payer, home care, faith-based and now funeral industries. For more information:

Jay Drayer, Founder/CEO

Chicago Jewish Funerals
David Jacobson, Founder

Butler Funeral Homes & Cremation Tribute Center (Springfield/New Berlin/Chatham, IL)
Chris Butler, CEO

Restlawn Memory Gardens & Funeral Home/Clearstone Memorial Partners (Salem, OR)
JC Aubry, Regional VP

Memory Gardens Memorial Park & Mortuary/Clearstone Memorial Partners (Medford, OR)
Bill Jaehnig, Partner


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