Conversations With Family Caregivers: Answers to Caregiver Questions

GOLDEN, Colo., April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pamela D Wilson, the caregiving expert, understands that family caregivers from their teens to nineties have vast life experiences and unanswered questions. Unfortunately, professionals in the healthcare industry looking in from the outside can be unintentionally insensitive to family caregiver needs that they have not personally experienced.

Caregiving discussions and family support are crucial to respond to the ongoing care needs of elderly loved ones. A twenty-year career in the healthcare and aging field gives Wilson a unique perspective and the ability to share both sides of care stories.

Her conversations with family caregivers validate feelings, empathize with the challenges, and explain the losses experienced by aging loved ones who grieve the decline in control over life events. Family caregivers find comfort in videos that mirror their care experiences and offer insight into situations that others have been unable to provide.  

Wilson’s YouTube Channel Features Hundreds of Conversations With Family Caregivers
Pamela D Wilson shares more than 20 years of expertise with family caregivers and persons interested in planning for aging on her YouTube Channel. Wilson’s ongoing communication with grandchildren, adult children, spouses, and friends through social media, caregiver support groups, individual consultations, and speaking engagements serve as the foundation for honest and open discussions.

Hundreds of videos on Wilson’s YouTube channel respond to questions and concerns from caregivers ranging from initiating care conversations with aging parents to planning end-of-life care. Because non-caregivers often shame family caregivers for their feelings, Wilson is fearless in openly discussing uncomfortable subjects.

Family Caregivers Seek Understanding
Family caregivers relate to videos titled, Caregiving Ruined My Life, I Don’t’ Want to Care for Elderly Parents, Why Being a Caregiver Sucks and Caring for My Elderly Mother is Killing Me. Finding a place where caregivers know that their experiences are understood instead of being judged creates a place for caregivers to seek answers and find appreciation for their efforts.

According to Wilson, "the ability to speak openly and honestly allows caregivers to receive validation of their feelings and find a path forward to create solutions to care for loved ones. It is a blessing to  have a career where my life and personal experience benefit caregivers of all ages and care situations."

Shared Family Experiences
Caregiving is a role that has no defined roadmap, which is why so many family members struggle. Wilson acknowledges the challenges she experienced as a young caregiver for parents who died more than 25 years ago. "When you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s easy to make mistakes because you don’t know the questions to ask."

Having a reliable and trustworthy source of information gives family caregivers peace of mind. Wilson’s website features a caregiver library, blog, and online caregiver courses. Caregivers searching for help on the Internet in the middle of the night find answers in Wilson’s videos that become a source of hope, help, and support.   

More about Wilson’s Livestream Caregiver Events, online webinar courses, individual elder care consultations, caregiver speaking engagements on-site and virtual, and brand collaborations are on her website or by calling Pamela directly at +1 303-810-1816/

SOURCE Pamela D Wilson