Dancing Towards Wellness: The Synergy of Dance for PD® and Urban Poling Inc.’s Activator Poles

TORONTO , June 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Urban Poling Inc. is proud to have partnered with Dance for PD®, an internationally acclaimed program developed by the Mark Morris Dance Group and led by Cofounder and Program Director, David Leventhal.

It offers live, live virtual and online dance classes for the Parkinson’s community aimed at improving physical confidence, cognitive skills and emotional well-being through the creative movement of dance. The program, supported by more than 50 peer-reviewed studies, emphasizes rhythmic patterns, fluidity of motion and the joy of expression, fostering a sense of community and empowerment among participants in more that 400 communities and 30 countries.

The Benefits of Dance for PD®:

  • Improved Mobility: Dance movements challenge participants to stretch, twist and reach, promoting flexibility and range of motion.
  • Enhanced Balance and Coordination: The rhythmic nature of dance encourages participants to engage core muscles, improving balance and coordination.
  • Cognitive Stimulation: Learning choreography and navigating spatial patterns stimulate cognitive function.
  • Emotional Well-being: Dance fosters a sense of achievement, social connection and self-expression while reducing feelings of isolation and depression often associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Here’s why Urban Poling’s Activator poles make a great dance partner by promoting:

  • Increased Stability: They encourage and upright posture, activate and strengthen core muscles while providing additional stability.
  • Improved Gait Patterns: By facilitating a natural arm swing, Activator poles promote a rhythmic gait, reduce freezing episodes and improve stride length.
  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Health: Engaging the upper body in walking or dancing increases cardiovascular exertion, promoting heart health and overall fitness.

“Our partnership with Urban Poling allows us to expand the ways we can support and enhance the lives of people with Parkinson’s,” said Leventhal. “This collaboration represents a powerful opportunity to amplify both organizations’ positive impact on mobility, balance, and overall well-being among the global Parkinson’s community.”

This dancing duo partnership combines the therapeutic benefits of creative movement with the functional support of the Activator poles to positively impact mobility, balance and quality of life. In addition to encouraging participants to utilize Activator poles for extra support in Dance for PD classes when needed, the partnership also encourages those dancing with Parkinson’s to transfer the skills they learn during dance sessions into the real world, all with the support and evidence-based safety Activator poles provide. Together, these approaches provide a harmonious fusion of creativity and functionality, empowering individuals with Parkinson’s to move with confidence, grace and resilience as they dance their way towards a brighter future!  To learn more on how this partnership can get you dancing to your own beat, be sure to tune in this Podcast episode with David Leventhal.

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SOURCE Urban Poling Inc.