Eternal Applications Platform Allows Users to Send “After-life” Messages to Loved Ones

Easy-to-Use Text, Video and Audio Tools to Create Messages Providing Peace of Mind Knowing You Have a Final Message When You Pass Away

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Eternal Applications today announced the launch of its after-life messaging platform allowing people to create personalized messages to be delivered to family and friends after they pass.  These messages allow users to show how much they care, by leaving messages for loved-ones to feel their presence by seeing and hearing their words at special occasions and milestones.

Eternal Applications provides peace-of-mind to users as they craft their legacy, wisdom or life stories to be remembered by.  Easy-to-use text, video and audio tools make it simple to record and send messages.  Eternal Applications users can express their love for the people that matter most and recount memories and life stories that might otherwise be forgotten.

It’s often challenging to have difficult conversations face-to-face, and even harder to convey exactly what you want to in the moment. The platform lets users craft their message exactly as they want it in a comfortable environment.  Users can create their message while they are still of sound-mind and the person that their loved ones remember. Creating a message not only gives peace-of-mind knowing it’s there if a tragedy strikes, but also that you’re there for your loved ones in such an instance.

Eternal Applications is designed to let users leave messages for any occasion, not just immediately after their passing, but for any of life’s major events including birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, etc..  The platform uses an “Administrator” system to notify when a user has passed in order to “queue” up their messages. An administrator can be anyone. Users typically rely on spouses, children or close family members. 

“Losing a loved one is among the most emotionally painful things that can occur and can continue to hurt for months and even years. Eternal Applications offers users a way to help their loved ones through this time,” said Chris Jalbert, founder of Eternal Applications.  “Words fade over time, but creating a message your loved one gets to replay or reread as often as they want is priceless.”

When a user creates their message, they designate the recipient of the message and their contact information. When the delivery date arrives, Eternal Applications will send the recipient a link to a secure page where the user will be able to read, view or listen to the message. They can also download the message and save it to their phone, computer or tablet, keeping the message close-to-the-heart forever.

Messages can be purchased as a part of three packages all with a 50-year delivery window and the ability to edit and delete at no additional cost at any time: Basic ($49.99 for one message with 10 unique recipients), Plus ($99.99 for three messages with 30 unique recipients) and Premium ($149.99 for 10 message with 100 unique recipients). All purchases are one-time buys – not subscriptions. Messages can be written, audio or video.


Eternal Application’s mission is to enable all users to be eternally present with the people they care about.  Whether it’s a final message telling your loved ones that everything will be ok, sharing a happy memory with a child, surprising grandchildren with a message on their birthday, leaving a message for future generations to know your story, or simply one last “I Love You” – Eternal Applications was founded to provide user the tools to express how much your loved ones mean to you. More information at Eternal Applications | After-Life Messaging

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