First Interactive Inheritance Guide for Heirs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EstateExec™, the leading online software for estate executors, today announced the release of the first comprehensive online guide for estate heirs, covering the estate settlement process, heir rights, and state-specific inheritance instructions. This easy-to-use guide offers detailed information on family entitlements, inheritance timing, estate expenses, debt limitations, tax implications, and step-by-step instructions for interacting with the estate executor and the court system.

"While EstateExec is primarily known for its executor tools, we realized that heirs have questions as well," says Dan Stickel, CEO of EstateExec. "Our new interactive guide is completely free, and more extensive than anything else available, covering every jurisdiction in the US and Canada."

The EstateExec Inheritance Guide for Heirs is NOT about investment advice, and instead covers the detailed legal rights and options of an estate beneficiary. It’s easy to read and use, and although it contains hundreds of pages of material, the software surfaces only what’s relevant to a particular estate, helping to simplify what can sometimes be a confusing situation.

Common heir questions include: How long will the process take, what can I do if no one has applied to serve as executor, what are normal estate expenses, can creditors claim my inheritance, do I owe taxes?

For example, if an estate is small (and this label can sometimes include estates worth millions of dollars), an heir may be able to directly claim assets to which he or she is entitled, without going through the probate process at all. The steps required for such claims vary significantly by jurisdiction, and EstateExec includes detailed instructions for each jurisdiction, along with required forms.

Similarly, family members may be entitled to certain estate assets regardless of what the will may say, and the EstateExec Inheritance Guide explains those entitlements on a state- and province-specific basis, along with deadlines for making certain claims.

The EstateExec Inheritance Guide is FREE, and the companion product for estate executors costs US$99 for the integrated accounting and reporting capabilities, including the ability to share information online.

ABOUT EstateExec: Based in Silicon Valley, EstateExec is the leading provider of software for estate executors. Since the 1800’s, executors have had to rely on legal or financial counselors to guide them through the difficult and time-consuming process of estate settlement, and even these outside experts have had few resources to automate and simplify the effort. Now, with the help of breakthrough technology, EstateExec is revolutionizing the way executors settle their estates, making it easy to manage, calculate, and process. EstateExec is fast, easy, secure, and reduces risk of executor error. For more information, visit in the US, and in Canada.

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