Foster Grandparents Matched with Families That Need Them Through Unique Free Website

There are millions of seniors with no grandchildren and millions of families with no grandparents. brings them together on their website and mobile app. 

LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Like millions of other seniors, Darlene and Ken Tipton feel the pain and loneliness of not having day-to-day access to grandchildren whether due to distance, estrangement, or simply not having any little ones in the family. The Tiptons searched for a way to become foster grandparents but found none. They began working on after their daughter cut off all contact over the Presidential election.

Advocating for Grandparents’ Rights: “It is surreal to think that grandparents would be in need of legal rights to see their grandchildren,” says Ken. “Millions of grandparents have been denied contact with their grandchildren because their parents use them as pawns,” comments Darlene.

For those who are currently estranged from their grandchildren, as is the Tiptons’ situation, links are posted on their website to educate about Grandparents’ Rights. More information is at Alienated Grandparents Anonymous. VIDEO became a reality when the Tiptons hired a software company to build a match-making website based on dating sites such as, but for seniors and families. “ allows seniors to be matched with potential foster families by selected criteria such as ethnicity, religion, political views, location, interests and hobbies, and much more,” says Ken.

Foster grandparents can fill specific and very important needs in children’s lives and that relationship can have a positive impact on everyone in the family.

Positive Benefits for Grandchildren:

A source of knowledge, influence, friendship, and mentoring.
Greater cohesiveness and emotional support for the family.
A connection to family heritage and legacy.
Both physical and emotional support.

Positive Benefits for Grandparents:

Enhanced mental wellbeing and socialization, including reduced rates of depression.
A more vigorous lifestyle.
The opportunity to provide moral guidance and to share values.
The rewarding sense of making a difference in the lives of family, and to be needed and wanted.

“We are healthy, retired, and have plenty of time to be wonderful grandparents,” explains Darlene. is not just for seniors. Other adults may be feeling the emotional void of not having a niece or nephew. The Tiptons included a way to register to be a foster aunt or uncle.

FosterFolks Reality TV Show: The Tiptons are award-winning producers and are developing a reality TV show based on Parties interested in participating are encouraged to post their stories at or on their Facebook page at

Registering is free and simple at “Answer match-making questions, then get to know your matches by email, phone, or Zoom,” explains Ken. Darlene adds, “Before meeting in-person, I recommend that both parties utilize the background check option provided on the website exclusively through

To register to become a foster grandparent, aunt, or uncle, or a family in search of foster grandparents, aunts, or uncles in the U.S. and Canada, go to


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