GetSetUp is Now Available as an Eldercare Employee Benefit in North America

SAN FRANCISCO, July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — GetSetUp, a social learning platform designed for older adults has partnered with employers to offer its community and wellness solutions that keeps older adults active as a care benefit for their employees’ aging parents. GetSetUp today services over 2 million older adults globally who come to learn new skills, stay active and connect with peers all virtually over Zoom.

GetSetUp is partnered with the largest benefit firms including Passport Unlimited, Perks at Work, and others to make its virtual membership part of their benefits portfolio. Through this partnership, employees of over 10,000 companies in the US will have access to purchase a membership for their parents via their companies’ benefits portal.

For many employees, there is a real need for their aging loved ones to know how to get to a doctor or to use technology to stay in contact. Employers have a huge opportunity to attract and retain better talent by acknowledging the realities of eldercare and giving them the resources to help manage their responsibilities.

According to the AARP Caregiving in the U.S. 2020 report, caregiving for someone over 50 affects employees of all ages: Average age of elder caregiver: 50.1 years old, 44% of elder caregivers are 18-49 years old, 56% of elder caregivers are 50+ years old.

"Considering the eldercare industry is confronting both a labor shortage and financial crisis that leaves many employees, especially those in the sandwich generation, without care for their aging loved ones, there was a real need for a scalable and practical solution. GetSetUp is a cost-effective eldercare option that addresses the social determinants of health, which can impact up to 55% of our health as we age. We provide community and wellness solutions that help keep aging parents active, engaged, and connected to peers all over the world. This has been a huge benefit for many aging adults during the pandemic and will continue to be for years to come," said Lawrence Kosick, Co-Founder of GetSetUp.

To see if GetSetUp is included in your employee benefits package, visit your employee benefits portal. Sign up to see how you can help your aging loved ones’ age in a vibrant learning community that not only offers fitness, health, and wellness classes but also helps keep them up to date on the latest technology and provides fun hobbies for them to explore with new global friends.

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About GetSetUp
GetSetUp is a live, interactive learning platform for older adults who want to learn new skills, connect with others, and unlock new life experiences. Classes are taught by older adults and kept small to ensure everyone can actively participate. The platform helps older adults stay mentally and physically fit, creates economic opportunities through jobs and reskilling, and provides a community where people find meaning and purpose by helping each other and forming new connections. The company is headquartered in San Francisco. To learn more, visit

Liz Miller