GLO24K 6-IN-1 Beauty Therapy Wand – A Spa-at-Home LED Beauty Device – Is the Ultimate Solution for All Your Skin Care Needs

ATLANTA, Feb. 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GLO24K, a global beauty brand based in the USA, is introducing a new and revolutionary LED Beauty Device: GLO24K 6-IN-1 Beauty Therapy Wand. This 6-In-1 Beauty Wand is an advanced LED Beauty Device for the face, neck, and around the eyes that is loaded with cutting-edge technologies to deliver anti-aging results.

GLO24K started off as a skin care brand focusing on 24k Gold Infused Luxury products. In 2021 GLO24K expanded its portfolio and added the hottest trend in the beauty category: LED Beauty Devices. Now, GLO24K is introducing the innovative 6-IN-1 Beauty Therapy Wand to battle the visible signs of the aging process such as wrinkles, fine-lines, under eye puffiness, and sagging skin for a radiant, glowing, healthy skin, and flawless complexion.

LED Technology was developed by NASA to examine the effects of Light Therapy in zero gravity conditions. NASA researchers found that LED Light Therapy stimulates and promotes processes within the cell level that are associated with collagen reproduction and skin rejuvenation. Different wavelengths of LED lights penetrate the skin at different depths and trigger biological processes that help the skin rejuvenate, renew, and heal.

GLO24K 6-IN-1 Beauty Therapy Wand utilizes that same LED Technology to be established as any beauty enthusiast’s source for all skin care needs. This beauty wand is loaded with Dual LED Light Therapy options (Red and Blue), Vibration at three levels, Thermal, and advanced Micro-Current (EMS) technologies to provide a spa at home experience. It also has a rotating massage head to better target areas of concern. Specifically, this beauty tool is designed to target the skin of the face, neck, and around the eyes for noticeable anti-aging results. This wand is small, light, rechargeable, non-invasive, travel friendly, easy to use, and ergonomically designed.

GLO24K 6-IN-1 Beauty Therapy Wand as well as all other GLO24K products can be conveniently found online/ offline, in airlines, on TV, in beauty boxes, and at Spas, boutiques, and Dr’s offices in the USA, Canada, Europe, Aisa, Australia, and the UAE. For a quick link to the product visit:

“There is a huge demand for LED Beauty Devices and Tools in the market and our research directed us to invest in this wonderful wand,” says Eli, Founder of GLO24K. “We analyzed what is available in the marketplace as well as consumer trends and demands and when we saw celebrities raving about the power and results of LED Light Therapy Tools on social media we decided to double down and become a market leader. There is good and healthy competition in this category but GLO24K 6-IN-1 Beauty Therapy Wand is the most advanced tool out there, with most features, and it is also priced very competitively and indeed sales are very strong.”

Rachel, the brand’s global trainer is adding: “Our 6-In-1 Wand can help battling the visible signs of the aging process such as wrinkles, fine-lines, and sagging skin for smoother, revitalized skin, and flawless appearance. One should use Red Light Therapy for Anti-Aging benefits and Blue Light Therapy to detoxify and balance the skin. It is for all skin types, unisex, and can be used as needed.”

The category of LED Beauty Devices is competitive but far from saturation. There are some established brands with a large market share but GLO24K embraces the competition because it forces all players in the category to innovate and improve. “Right now,” says Eli, GLO24K’s Founder, “our beauty devices and tools are just a better buy for the consumers. They offer more features, look very luxurious, and cost less. All people have to do is compare and make a choice, then they can sit at home, relax, and feel like all the celebrities that rave about Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy Treatments on social media.”

In addition to the 6-In-1 Beauty Wand, GLO24K features several more innovative LED Beauty Devices and Tools for the face, neck, and around the eyes. GLO24K’s beauty devices are loaded with technology, advanced, luxuriously packaged, and carry a lifetime warranty. Indeed, GLO24K is where Beauty and Technology Meet. Welcome to the Next Generation of Beauty!

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