HearUSA Reframes the Way Clients Experience the Benefits of Better Hearing Care with the Opening of its Hearing Center of the Future in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

First of its kind center features state-of-the art engagement technologies, sound experience room, interactive displays, and onsite hearing evaluations.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla., May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading hearing care retailer HearUSA announced today plans to open a number of groundbreaking Hearing Centers of the Future in 2023, beginning this month in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Building on the new HearUSA brand promise to deliver the Sound of the New Age, each new Hearing Center of the Future is designed to help clients experience hearing care in a totally new way that suits each patient’s individual needs and lifestyle. 

The new centers feature a design concept that is modern, innovative, welcoming, and engaging; open spaces and product displays; available use of in-center technology such as QR codes, iPads, and interactive displays; key touchpoints that include a welcome hub, solutions wall, as well as calming and professional consultation rooms.

The consumer-friendly environment creates an atmosphere where clients, with the guidance of licensed Hearing Care Professionals (HCPs), can explore prescription hearing aids from leading brands like Widex and Signia, as well as Over the Counter (OTC) hearing aid solutions from Sony. They can obtain valuable information that will empower them to achieve better hearing health, receive a complimentary hearing evaluation, try simulated hearing environments, and experience the latest hearing aid technology in the comfort of a state-of-the-art sound experience room.

“The world of healthcare is rapidly changing,” said James Gilchrist, President of HearUSA. “New service models are disrupting the traditional ways we access care, and technology is giving clients more control. In this new landscape, HearUSA is setting a new standard in hearing care, in partnership with our HCPs, to create an entirely new way to learn about and access better hearing health. We believe this new standard will help prospective clients to understand hearing care in a new way, become engaged with a learning process that puts them at the center of the experience, and empower them to take the next step and schedule a hearing evaluation that could change their lives for the better.”

Clients and prospective clients can also test hearing aids in the experience room where, with the help of a touchpad, they can browse through a variety of sound situations to get a true to life simulation of how their hearing aids will provide better hearing in situations like taking a walk in nature, having dinner with friends, or enjoying a live concert.

HearUSA Hearing Care Professionals are also equipped to help clients discover and understand the latest in innovative hearing aids and their various capabilities – like wireless connectivity to their smartphone, laptop, or tablet – that are necessary for their successful adoption.

Furthermore, HearUSA’s unique Hear Better Today program equips clients with hearing aids the same day they are evaluated so they don’t have to wait to experience the life changing benefits that hearing aids deliver.

In addition to offering the very best performance value in hearing aids, HearUSA’s leadership in insurance enables clients to get the most from their benefits while also offering flexible financing to expand access to better hearing. HearUSA is also committed to making sure all clients can immediately experience the benefits of hearing aids with its no-risk trial program.

The Palm Beach Gardens Center of the Future also features the first HearAcademy Learning Center, where current Hearing Care Professionals can continue their professional development to remain at the forefront of advancements in technology and services, ensuring that clients receive simply excellent hearing care at every HearUSA hearing center.

“HearUSA is dedicated to providing clients with the highest possible quality of professional hearing care in a new, much more client-friendly environment that empowers them to learn more about what they can do to achieve an immediate improvement in their hearing health,” Gilchrist emphasized. “We are evolving hearing care, building an end-to-end experience, connecting hearing care retail to a growing system of digital tools that provide increasingly seamless links with clients. This is the future of hearing care, and it is a reality today at HearUSA’s new Hearing Center of the Future.”

In addition to Palm Beach Gardens, HearUSA has also opened a Center of the Future in Vero Beach, Florida in January. Additional Center of the Future locations will be announced in the coming months.

For more information on HearUSA, visit www.hearusa.com. For the press kit, click here.

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