Joe & Bella: Revolutionizing Adaptive Fashion from Chicago with Heart and Style

CHICAGO, Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Joe & Bella, a Chicago-based adaptive-apparel brand, is transforming the landscape of fashion for older adults. Born from one family’s caregiving journey, the brand stands as a testament to compassion, resilience, and innovation.

A Personal Journey Inspires a Brand with Purpose

The story of Joe & Bella began in 2012 when the Zollo family moved their matriarch into an assisted-living community. There, they met Joe and Bella, two widowed Holocaust survivors, whose friendship and humor greatly impacted the family during a challenging transition. This encounter laid the foundation for Joe & Bella, an award-winning adaptive-apparel brand named in honor of this inspirational couple.

“Joe and Bella showed us the beauty and strength of aging gracefully. Our brand is a celebration of life and every moment that counts,” shared Jimmy Zollo, cofounder and CEO of Joe & Bella.

“Both Bella and my mother were fashionistas,” said Peter Zollo, cofounder of Joe & Bella. “We tried to get both of them to wear adaptive clothes which make dressing easier, but they rejected everything we bought for them as deemed ‘too cheap,’ ‘ugly,’ or both. We strongly believe that just because dressing can become painful and stressful shouldn’t mean that someone is now relegated to wearing clothes they never would’ve previously considered. They should be able to wear clothes that look and feel like them.”

Innovative Adaptive Fashion for the Modern Senior

Founded in 2020, Joe & Bella disrupted the adaptive apparel space, innovating by merging functionality with timeless fashion. Initially selling other companies’ clothing, the brand has evolved to exclusively offer its own innovative products, including the award-winning CareZips® pants and the sold-out Everyday Magnetic Button-Down for Men.

Cara Sumpton, Lead Designer at Joe & Bella who was also on the Lululemon launch team, explains, “Our mission is to restore dignity and independence, crafting pieces that are not only innovatively functional but also beautifully stylish, allowing seniors to maintain their personal style.”

Addressing the Needs of an Aging Population

With a rapidly aging population, the demand for smart, adaptive clothing is increasing. Joe & Bella’s products cater to a variety of physical conditions, offering easier dressing solutions for individuals with tremors, arthritis, visual impairments, and those recovering from surgery. “Joe & Bella’s designs significantly reduce the physical strain on caregivers and enhance the independence of older adults,” explained Jennifer Pasternak, Executive Director of the Northbrook Inn Memory-Care Community near Chicago.

Commitment to Excellence

“Joe & Bella is committed to quality, choosing soft cotton blends, stretchable materials, and breathable fabrics,” said Sumpton. “This clear focus ensures comfort, durability, and style, catering to the unique needs of the elderly, especially those with cognitive and mobility changes.”

“Our goal is to provide premium materials and beautiful fashion that bring comfort and confidence to our customers,” said Jimmy Zollo. “We involve senior-living and caregiver groups in our design process, ensuring we meet real-world needs.”

Looking Ahead: Expanding the Range of Senior Fashion

Joe & Bella is set to introduce several new products in the coming months, including a men’s quarter-zip sweater, a women’s cardigan and nightgown, and a relaxed-fit version of their hugely successful Everyday Magnetic Button-Down for Men, expanding their range of stylish, easy-to-wear clothing for seniors.

“We’re designing more than simply clothes. Joe & Bella is about healthy, joyful aging and empowerment,” added Sumpton. “We want our customers to feel proud and comfortable in what they wear, reflecting their identity and zest for life.”

For more information about Joe & Bella and their mission to transform senior fashion, please contact:

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