LifeWalker Mobility Products Stands Up for Senior Safety – Maker of Original, Patented UPWalker® Speaks Out to Help Warn Unsuspecting Seniors Before Buying Dangerous Imitation Upright Walkers

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — LifeWalker Mobility Products ( recently highlighted its award-winning, clinically proven, original upright walker as the only ISO-certified, FDA registered UPWalker sold for use in the U.S. and abroad. After hearing reports of faulty imitations and unsafe models being sold to unsuspecting customers by unqualified vendors, LifeWalker Mobility decided to reach out publicly and help folks understand the difference between the genuine UPWalker and dangerous imitations. UPWalker is the progenitor of the ergonomic, upright walker classification and its original design has never been successfully duplicated by competitors because of patent infringement laws.

"As the originator, we felt it was extremely important to differentiate our product from others and bring these issues to the attention of the public," explained Craig Shugert, CEO and President of LifeWalker Mobility Products. "Especially after hearing several reports from customers who were confused and inadvertently bought an imitation UPWalker through a major online marketplace. Our patent protected product is the only upright walker exclusively designed to be safe and comfortable – with many features that are obvious, and some that are not."

UPWalker: Putting Safety First 

"Most imposter products are nothing more than traditional rollators with upright armrests simply stuck on to an existing frame," Shugert continued. "These can lead people into thinking they are safe to use. But without proper engineering, like positioning the user’s weight on forearm supports inside of the wheels (patent protected), these walkers can lead to increased fall risks and severe injury. Our walker is the only model ISO-certified to meet rigorous international safety standards for indoor and outdoor use (ISO11199-3)."

"And many of our safety features are baked right into the product as an important, integrated part of the design. For instance, every UPWalker is outfitted with brakes, but we went one step further: the brake cables are actually concealed to reduce the risk of snagging the cable while walking. We also have sit-to-stand handles with easily adjusted padded armrests for all user heights. Our product is just as easy and comfortable to sit in as it is to walk with, and is lightweight, plus collapses down/folds up for easy trunk storage."

UPWalker: Research Is Key

"We understand that it is sometimes hard to know exactly what to look for – imported imitation products look good at a glance," Shugert concluded. "But purchasing a new upright walker/rollator is an investment and a decision that users will likely live with for years. It’s important to be informed and know exactly what you’re looking for. Safety is our design’s first priority. And it is why we are the only company that sends each product fully assembled – with instructions on adding attachments."

"Each UPWalker comes standard with a cup holder, personal item bag, and a backrest, with additional accessories available like motion-activated safety lights, shopping bag, smartphone holder, cane/umbrella holder, flashlights, and more. We also made an in-depth unboxing video to help seniors and their advocates prepare their upright walker for use. And we absolutely encourage you to visit us online and explore the UPWalker before you buy. We hope that consumers/users and their advocates are doing this for every medical equipment purchase they make."

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