Massage Replaces Invasive Surgeries

Studies: A hands-on physical therapy has replaced major surgery for infertile women, and for people with life-threatening bowel obstructions

GAINESVILLE, Fla., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A ‘hands-on’ therapy that can feel like a deep massage has replaced major surgeries in two fields of medicine: female infertility and serious digestive problems per researchers at Clear Passage® Therapies. Following decades of research, studies show the therapy has opened totally blocked fallopian tubes in dozens of women, a procedure once thought impossible without surgery. In a controlled study co-authored by independent surgeons, the therapy cleared and decreased life-threatening bowel obstructions, obviating a common emergency surgery.

The developers were shocked to learn their therapy was replacing surgery. “My husband and I were desperate to find relief from debilitating pain when surgery and radiation therapy left my pelvic organs bound in a mass of adhesions,” said physical therapist Belinda Wurn. “Doctors refused to operate again saying that would make matters worse by creating more glue-like adhesions. My husband Larry became a massage therapist. Following the Scientific Method, we developed our own treatment which we call Clear Passage® therapy.”

“We were surprised when women diagnosed totally infertile due to years of blocked fallopian tubes became pregnant naturally after we used the therapy on them,” Larry said. “Fallopian tubes are tiny tube-like organs designed to carry a single-celled egg to meet even smaller sperm – to create life. After several women with blocked tubes reported unexpected pregnancies, their doctors surmised we were clearing tubal adhesions.” Encouraged by gynecologist-surgeon Dr. Richard King, Chief of Staff of their hospital, the trio began publishing their results in medical journals.

“After publishing those results, people with recurrent bowel obstructions started calling to ask if we could open larger tubes – the bowels,” Belinda said. “We saw similar results after treating them; adhered bowels started to clear at a surprising rate.”

“The ramifications in medicine are potentially huge,” said Dr. King. “Adhesions cause problems in many fields of medicine. Often caused by post-surgical adhesions, bowel repair is cited as the 2nd most common emergency surgery in the USA. Adhesion removal itself is the 5th most common. Having a non-surgical option to decrease adhesions is a wonderful adjunct for physicians.”

After 35 years of development, the Wurns report well over a thousand babies have been born to women despite an infertility diagnosis after receiving Clear Passage® therapy. The World Journal of Gastroenterology published a controlled study co-authored by doctors from Harvard, Stanford, and Washington University medical schools. In it, the therapy decreased the recurrence of life-threatening bowel obstructions by 15 times the norm (p=0.0003).

The therapy has been cited in 19 peer-reviewed citations and studies for treating adhesions, female infertility and small bowel obstruction. This video looks at success treating female infertility; this video examines treating bowel obstructions. Available in the U.S.A. and England, the outpatient treatment can be delivered over five days, with two hours of hands-on therapy each morning and afternoon. No drugs or surgery are used. Applicants complete a Medical History Form which Clear Passage® reviews at no charge to determine appropriateness and likelihood of success. For more information, click here, call 352-336-1433, email [email protected] or visit

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