Naples Estate Planning Attorney Harnesses the Power of Pickleball

How Pickleball Champion James Nici Prepares to Win – On and Off the Court

NAPLES, Fla., Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — James Nici, a top estate planning attorney in Naples, FL and a US Open Pickleball Champion, sees parallels between his day job and his love of the fastest-growing sport in America.

When Nici was first introduced to pickleball six years ago, he was a natural at the basics. But to gain real success at the sport, he would need to use the very same traits that had made him a successful estate planning lawyer: preparation, practice, and knowledge.

Nici compares going through life without an estate plan to going into a pickleball match with no strategy. Without an estate plan, it may be unclear who your beneficiaries are, what to do with your assets, or if you’ve designated a power of attorney. Like pickleball, common problems in estate planning are avoidable if you prepare in advance.

Assessing an opponent on the pickleball court to determine their strengths, weaknesses, and style of play is like consulting with a client to learn about their assets, family, and goals. It’s the same analysis, just different elements.

Nici says, “I know how to take all the factors and all the data, and strategize the best way for clients to achieve their objectives. Preparing for a pickleball match is no different. I have a certain amount of information to work with before a tournament. Perhaps I have played against my opponents before or perhaps I noticed something during warmups or while observing their previous matches from the stands. With this information, I create a strategy, a “match plan,” for how I am going to use this information to hopefully advance to the next round”.

So far, Nici’s strategy has worked quite well. He is the owner of several individual and team national medals, including golds, earned at the US Open Pickleball Championship, held each year in Naples, FL, which happens to be where Nici’s estate planning law firm is located. Naples is the unofficial “Pickleball Capital” of America.

As accomplished as Nici is in pickleball, he’s even more accomplished in estate planning. “I’m a very good amateur player in pickleball, but I am a much better lawyer,” says Nici. “I’ve only played pickleball for six years, but I have been practicing law for over 27 years. I may be a 4.8 rated player in pickleball, but I’m a 10.0 estate planner.”

An unexpected benefit of taking up the popular sport was meeting potential clients on the courts. Some players were so impressed with how Jim understood and played the game that they wondered if he could help them with their estate planning and financial goals.

One of Nici’s clients, a fellow pickleball player, said “I saw Jim’s approach to pickleball, and how prepared he was, and I figured he would be an excellent estate planning lawyer, and I was right. In both endeavors, he is hardworking, prepared, and diligent. I couldn’t be happier.”

While Nici specializes in creating wills and trusts, he is also a leading authority regarding Florida estate planning and probate laws, federal and state tax laws, property laws, and asset protection laws. Like a good pickleball player, Jim Nici knows his “sport.”

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