National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) Announces Partnership to Offer GetSetUp Classes in Their Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA), and GetSetUp, the largest and fastest-growing virtual social learning platform designed specifically for older adults, have partnered to help bridge the digital divide and offer job skills training for eligible Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) participants. SCSEP is a government program that provides participants 55+ with temporary, useful part-time training and grant sponsored income to prepare them for finding employment in the community that will help employers address their workforce shortages with qualified mature workers.

NICOA offers eligible unemployed Native American community members 55 or older the opportunity to re-enter the workforce through the SCSEP program that serves Native American residents in 7 states: Arizona, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The partnership provides live interactive classes on GetSetUp covering a range of topics like technology and how to use the software used by many companies so qualifying job seekers age 55+ can gain the skills needed to re-enter the workforce.

GetSetUp’s customized platform offers an easy-to-use interface for older adults to safely learn, create, and share knowledge. The platform helps address the first mile of digital technology by explaining how to use devices from smartphones to tablets and goes on to teach best practices for using work tools like Zoom, the Google and Microsoft Suites, and more. All classes are taught live by experts who are older adults themselves. Each NICOA SCSEP participant will start with an orientation and classes on Zoom and using their device. From there they take curated classes specifically selected for SCSEP participants.

GetSetUp’s custom-built video learning interface has been tailored to older adults of all tech levels. The platform offers support in all classes to assist learners with technology, and includes a booking system complete with regular reminders and after-class notes. The NICOA’s SCSEP participants can easily connect with a safe community of over 4.4 million peers globally. In addition to job skills classes, learners can choose from a catalog of over 4,000 classes and are available around the clock from the comfort of their homes. Classes promote digital literacy, socialization, health and wellness, and new learning experiences.

"Opportunities to re-skill and up-skill are helping older adults to feel more confident and prepared to use technology, apps, and the internet at work by allowing them to understand and master skills like Zoom, the Google Suite, and more," said Lawrence Kosick, President and Co-Founder of GetSetUp. "Older adults on our platform can take classes at their own pace, and repeat them as many times as necessary. Class peers share tips and insights. All together this assures that older adults go into their next interview confident using the technology and software that is becoming a crucial part of our modern working world."

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About GetSetUp

GetSetUp is on a mission to help those over 55 learn new skills, connect with others and unlock new life experiences. The social learning platform helps over 4.4 million older adults in 160 countries stay mentally and physically fit, creates economic opportunities through jobs and reskilling, and provides a community where people find meaning and purpose by sharing their knowledge and passions and forming new connections.  Classes are taught by older adults on a highly interactive, custom-built video platform where older adults can connect during and in between classes. Classes are taught in English, Spanish, Hindi, and Mandarin.

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SOURCE The National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA); GetSetUp