Nation’s 1st Buying Club for Senior Gun Owners Offers Pre-Launch Incentives

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — American Senior 2nd Amendment Club CEO Jeff Einstein today announced an ambitious recruitment campaign targeting senior gun enthusiasts and vendors of quality gun-related products and services ahead of the scheduled spring launch of AS2AC — the nation’s first and only discount buying club for senior protectors of the 2nd Amendment.

AS2AC members will receive special member discounts for gun-related products and services purchased from a nationwide network of participating AS2AC vendors — both on and offline.

“We all know how expensive it is to be a responsible gun owner in these turbulent times,” says Einstein. “The hard costs of firearms, ammunition and accessories are just the beginning. Consider also the costs of training and range time, not to mention intangibles like self-defense insurance and legal counsel. AS2AC,” he continues, “is here to help senior citizens, many of whom struggle to make ends meet on fixed incomes, exercise their 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.”

The gun industry owes much to its senior customers. More than 30% of all American senior citizens own firearms — a higher percentage than any other age group. Another 19% live in households with firearms. All in, almost 30 million American seniors either own guns or live in homes with guns.

Interested seniors are invited to pre-register in advance of the spring launch. No credit card is required, and all pre-registrants will receive a 20% discount off the $60 annual membership fee for the first year. As an added incentive, AS2AC will reward the first 500 pre-registrants with a free 1-year membership.

Interested vendors of quality gun-related products and services can register to join the AS2AC Vendor Network right now. It costs them nothing to sign up and, according to Einstein, “AS2AC makes all kinds of business sense for vendors who want to do the right thing and improve their relationships with the single largest group of gun owners in the country.”

About AS2AC

AS2AC is the nation’s first and only discount gun buying club for senior citizens. American Senior 2nd Amendment Club Inc. is a Florida-registered S Corporation DBA AS2AC.

Media Contact: Jeff Einstein
Phone: 718-598-3744 

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SOURCE AS2AC – American Senior 2nd Amendment Club

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