Personal Emergency Alert App AllsWell Turns a Smartphone into a Lifesaver for Seniors

Provides Peace of Mind for Families & Caregivers of Seniors Who Live Alone

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — After five years of development and testing, the AllsWell smartphone app turns a standard Apple or Android phone into a lifesaver. In a few easy steps, a mobile phone will have the superpower of automatically contacting family members or responders in the event of a medical emergency.  

“Every year millions of accidents happen, seniors fall, they cannot get up, and the consequences can be tragic,” said AllsWell founder & CEO Stefan Benn. “A friend’s mother needlessly died of dehydration in her home after a fall, simply because no one knew she had fallen. I developed AllsWell to ensure that all seniors can have a simple and affordable way to automatically get help when they need it most.”

AllsWell is a potential lifeline for the many thousands of people living alone who will experience medical emergencies. It provides a discrete emergency call option within their phone, and, if a senior is unable to press the button, it automatically sends text messages and emails with a map of their location to the emergency contacts of their choice after a pre-determined period of inactivity.

AllsWell leverages the technology in smartphones to know if the phone is being used through the motion sensor. If the phone has not been moved for a period of time, it automatically triggers an alert to family members and contacts. It is quick and easy for users to create an emergency contact list, set the period of inactivity before an alert is triggered, and sleeping times when the phone is unlikely to be moved.

“Consistent with the idea of ‘no news is good news,’ AllsWell is designed around active seniors’ lives. If their phone is being moved, they are walking, or calling family members or friends, the app knows all is well,” added Benn. “It’s only triggered if something happens, providing peace of mind not only to seniors who want to go about their lives independently, but also their loved ones who may worry about them living alone.”

Five minutes before an alert is sent, the senior is notified. By simply picking up the phone, AllsWell knows that they are OK. If an alert is sent inadvertently, the user can cancel the alert and emergency contacts will be notified automatically.

AllsWell does not require hardware, home installations, or wearing an emergency button. At around $0.30 a day, it is an affordable and convenient option. AllsWell has already been widely downloaded and used in the U.S. and other countries. Early adopters value its simplicity and the fact it is the only such app to have been reviewed and approved by both Apple and Android.

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