Rethink Your Workout: Q4 Active Launches Proprietary Boutique Fitness Studio

Targeting Adults 50+ to Promote a Stronger Brain and Healthy Body 

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Q4 Active, a fitness studio dedicated to individuals 50+ will open December 1 in Woodland Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. An entirely new fitness concept, Q4 Active supports physical and brain performance in a welcoming, engaging, and energizing environment.

Conveniently located in the heart of Warner Center in Woodland Hills, Q4 Active boutique fitness studio members will enjoy fun, fulfilling body and brain exercise. Q4 Active’s proprietary fitness programming is designed to improve cognitive health and functional longevity for happier, healthier lives.

“We can help people over 50 savor every moment of their 4th quarter,” mentions Phil Swain, CEO and Co-Founder of Q4 Active. “Being active is of the utmost importance to overall health and wellness, especially later in life. And today’s traditional gyms do not cater to the needs of a more mature population,” he continues.

Q4 Active houses two separate exercise studios that deliver the proprietary Q4 Active brain and body circuit, as well as more specialized programming including small-group, 12-week cognitive fitness programs, personal training, post-rehabilitation training, nutrition workshops, invited speakers, and other social events. 

Additionally, Q4 Active has partnered with Genius Gyms to develop the Q4 brain training app where members will be able to continue simultaneous cognitive and physical activity at home and on the go. Workouts are engaging, challenging, and most of all fun!

“Physical and cognitive exercise are powerful brain enhancers,” explains neurosurgeon Neil A. Martin, M.D. “Dual-tasking exercise, exercising the body and brain simultaneously, is a medical therapy that is perhaps the most powerful tool available in slowing down age-related cognitive decline, far beyond what is on the market today.” Widely regarded as one of the leading skull base and neurovascular neurosurgeons in the United States, Dr. Martin serves as Q4 Active Chief Medical Advisor, overseeing all aspects of the Q4 Active approach to brain health. 

The Q4 Active interval-based, circuit-based, and game-based approach makes fitness fun and features five different stations addressing brain training, muscular strength and endurance, balance and stability, mobility, flexibility, and neuromotor control. Led by an experienced management team committed to mind-body fitness, classes and one-on-one appointments are available throughout the week to ensure members can take advantage of all program offerings. 

“There are overwhelming amounts of biochemical, neurological and behavioral data supporting the beneficial effects of exercise, cognitive stimulation, and the synergistic combination of the two that can stave off the negative effects of aging on the brain,” says Cognitive Psychologist Dr. Sarah McEwen, who is also a certified personal trainer. With 15 years of clinical research experience, Dr. McEwen is also responsible for Q4 Active’s specialized, 12-week brain health program. 

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