‘Senior Cyber’ Aims to Protect and Empower Seniors Against #1 Digital Threat of Hackers

METUCHEN, N.J., Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Scott N. Schober, CEO, cybersecurity expert and author has released his 3nd book entitled Senior Cyber: Best Security Practices for Your Golden Years

Senior Cyber covers the basics of computers and the internet but also steps through security precautions against phishing attacks, privacy concerns, big data collection, secure password creation and usage, identity theft, the dangers of social media and much more.

Scott is again joined by co-author and younger brother, Craig Schober with the release of Senior Cyber. Together, they discuss a multitude of cybersecurity scams that relate directly to the financial, social and healthful well-being affecting all seniors by providing tips and easy calls to action.

Senior Cyber offers simple advice for all levels of cybersecurity experience for grandparents, grandchildren and everyone in between. The book was written in response to the authors’ own experiences with their elderly parents and myriad questions from a growing elderly population.

“During my previous book release tour, I began to hear from older audience members and followers who had questions ranging from smartphone basics to phishing scams. I realized that many elderly folks do not have the benefit of younger friends and family that so many rely on for technical support,” says Schober.

Senior Cyber is the follow-up to Scott Schober’s top-selling books entitled Hacked Again which details his own hacking while offering insights to help others avoid a similar fate and Cybersecurity is Everybody’s Business which was written for all small business owners, vendors and their customers.

Schober continues, “As computer users grow older, so does their median income. Unfortunately, their ability to discern and report scams while staying up to date on the latest cyber threats seems to decrease with age. Criminals know this about baby boomers so I wrote this book to help empower seniors without overwhelming them,”

Senior Cyber is available now for on Kindle, Audible and as soft and hard cover printed books. The printed books feature large, easy to read typefaces for elderly eyes and many illustrations and visual examples of scams. A free, printable companion Senior Cyber activity booklet full of puzzles, word games and coloring pages is available directly from www.Scott.Schober.com so readers can brush up on their motor, memory and cyber skills all at once.

Senior Cyber can also be purchased on Amazon.com and other major booksellers. Contact the authors at
 or 732-548-3737 for more information.

SOURCE ScottSchober.com Publishing

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