Seniors in Place Opens Its First COVID-19 Testing Center In New Jersey, An Important Step in Fighting the Pandemic

SPRINGFIELD, N.J., Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Seniors In Place, a top accredited “with distinction” healthcare service firm, has opened its first COVID-19 testing center, giving its Certified Home Health Aides and Registered Nurses critical access to being tested. Seniors In Place is one of a very few home health aide agencies in New Jersey with its own testing center.

“This is the next step in assuring the safety of our senior clients,” says Adam Blecker, President, Seniors In Place. “Previously, we tested all our caregivers in other testing facilities. Now we can test in our own testing center. In the first two weeks, we tested 40% of our home health aides and Registered Nurses, all of whom tested negative for COVID-19. Our goal is to test 100% of our caregivers in our own testing center on an ongoing basis.”

From the onset of this pandemic, Seniors In Place has remained ahead of curve by:

  • Arranging for testing all caregivers in other testing facilities even before opening its own center
  • Prioritizing the safety of clients and caregivers over everything else
  • Providing  access to personal protective equipment and remote education
  • Developing an online portal for critical information
  • Instituting a daily COVID-19 screening policy
  • Quarantining employees who were in contact with COVID-19 patients – and continued to pay them
  • Providing live-in care to reduce exposure
  • Incorporating remote tele-health nursing
  • Developing COVID-19 policies and procedures and re-developing them 13 times as more information became available

The Seniors In Place testing center adheres to a strict set of policies and procedures, and is able to get results back in 48 hours. This is a great accomplishment since most testing centers take weeks for results.

Seniors In Place is New Jersey’s Top Home Health Aide Agency
For two decades, the Seniors In Place family has provided millions of hours of in-home and in-facility care for thousands of New Jersey families.

It is accredited with Distinction by The Commission on Accreditation for Home Care.

Seniors In Place caregivers are all employees – NOT independent contractors. They are state-certified, insured, receive benefits, and are continuously educated and regularly evaluated.

For more information on in-home-care-related COVID-19 resources, visit For urgent need for care, call our rapid response line 24/7 – 973-774-3660.

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