Expands Its Platform to Allow Seniors to Easily Watch Live Video Church Services

TUCSON, Ariz., July 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — With its focus on providing a variety of platforms where church members can easily view their live streaming services, has added ViewClix Smart Frames to their offerings. The new feature allows family members to remotely schedule live video services that will automatically play on a ViewClix Smart Frame.

ViewClix is a leading provider of smart frames that are designed as a “no-tech” way for families to connect with their elderly loved ones. The ViewClix Smart Frame does not require any configuration or interaction on the part of the senior. The ViewClix Smart Frame is completely managed remotely by family members. At the designed time, the church service live video will automatically begin playing on the Smart Frame.

What makes viewing so easy?

With’s integration of ViewClix Smart Frames, families will schedule worship services for their loved ones for days and times during the week. When it is time for the service to begin, the ViewClix frame will notify the senior the service is starting with a sound and pop-up message. The service will then begin for the senior automatically, providing a hands-free experience for the senior.

ViewClix also provides the ability for video calling and group calling with the elderly loved one as well as sharing photos on the ViewClix Smart Frame.

Providing churches an easy way to stay connected with their elderly members that eliminates any technology challenges associated with computers, TVs, tablets or phones for the seniors is a great way to keep their elderly members connected every week to the church. We are thrilled to integrate with ViewClix as the premier provider of Smart Frames,” said founder Steve Lacy.

ViewClix Smart Frames are available now 

About ViewClix

Founded in 2017, ViewClix LLC has been at the forefront of providing visual communications for seniors. With a mission to bridge the technological divide, the Smart Frames have millions of video calls and more than 15 million shared photos.

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