‘Team Senior Referral Services, Inc.™’ Announces Expanded Opportunities for Clients, Helping Seniors Relocate During Wildfires

GRANTS PASS, Ore., Sept. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Team Senior Referral Services, Inc.™ (Team Senior™ – https://www.teamsenior.org/) announced it had expanded its scope of practice to help seniors recently displaced by historic wildfires that have burned more than one million acres across the state. As families evacuate fire-ravaged areas with little relief in sight, it becomes critically important that vulnerable populations like the elderly receive the help they need. Located in the Rogue Valley, Team Senior™ is a local company. With 100% free services, Team Senior™ is already adept at working with the private-pay sector, but has recently begun helping Medicaid patients as well.

“Seniors are being displaced all over Southern Oregon right now due to the wildfires, and we’re here to help them. We have industry associates all over the country, and our phones are well-staffed. We’re here to help answer all of those hard questions being asked right now,” said Jamie Callahan, Founder and CEO of Team Senior™. “One of the most important qualities that sets us apart from other referral services is that we have always tried to physically meet each of our clients. We want to get to know who we’re helping. And that personal connection lets our clients and their families see that we really care about them as people – because we do. This is our passion. We get seniors the services they need, so they can go back to the joy of living their normal lives. And that’s more important now than ever.”

Team Senior™ directs seniors to available resources, whether that be housing, information about caregivers, home health referrals, assisting with transportation needs, medication management, and much more. Team Senior™ works with a wide variety of partner facilities and organizations, matching clients based on each individual’s needs and wants. “Most recently, we have been aiding in the delivery of groceries, finding missing pets, and helping to replace beds,” says Vicky Norman, Intake Coordinator for Team Senior.

“An extremely important part of the placement and referral process includes our initial, comprehensive consultation. Getting to know each of our clients on a personal and individual basis is a critical priority for us,” said Jamie Callahan. “I learned this lesson years ago from a wise DHS supervisor who really opened my eyes to the gamut of living situations out there as well as the importance of visiting every option in person. Just because a facility is opulently furnished, or has lavish living benefits, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best option for everyone. It’s crucial that we speak directly, in-person and preferably visit their home. We want to match seniors with living situations that make them happy and feel familiar.”

Learn more about the senior placement, and other services offered by Team Senior™ by going online. For those in need of assistance with long-term care housing in Southern Oregon, contact Team Senior™ via phone or social media: Facebook, YouTube.

About Team Senior Referral Services™

Founded in 2016, Team Senior™ is Southern Oregon’s leading Senior Care Advisors, providing free placement and referral services to seniors and their families. Team Senior™ works tirelessly to put minds and hearts at ease, taking the burden of referral and placement away from seniors and families so they can live their lives as comfortably as possible. Providing the best senior living options available to meet individual needs and budgets, Team Senior™ does all the in-depth research and vetting needed to ensure that seniors are well cared for, each step of the way. Every facility recommended by Team Senior™ is licensed by the State of Oregon, and each location is personally assessed and toured by Team Senior™ DHS-registered staff. Learn more about the importance of this personal approach to senior care at: www.TeamSenior.org.

Media Contact:

Jamie Callahan, Founder & CEO
(541) 295-8230


SOURCE Team Senior Referral Services, Inc

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