The Powerful Message of Aging Gracefully

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ —┬áHealth and wellness brand Casa Sandra delivers a refreshingly realistic view on the aging process. Rather than leaning on shallow gimmicks and unrealistic expectations that promise eternal youth, the brand holds fast to its message that “aging is inevitable, doing so gracefully is a matter of choice.” From high-quality in-person care at its Chicago-based spa to a growing line of effective beauty products available on the company’s website, the brand is a breath of fresh air in an industry inundated by the disingenuous.

Nearly twenty years ago, Sandra Plasencia arrived in the U.S. from her home island of Cuba with entrepreneurship on her mind. Within two years she had launched the Havana Nights Nails & Spa in downtown Chicago where she started by offering nail and manicure services.

During the following years, Plasencia became a Chicago staple, dependably delivering her nail and skin treatments without fail. Over time, she began to increase her services to include a variety of other cosmetic and skincare activities. This coincided with an increase of fiercely loyal customers that bought into Plasencia’s basic message that “you have only one skin, take care of it!”

In 2020, Plasencia rebranded her thriving business under the name Casa Sandra as she prepared for future growth. While the pandemic did provide its fair share of challenges, the bold business owner decided that it wasn’t time to hold back. She had to push into her ongoing success, regardless of the unstable economic situation surrounding her business.

Plasencia’s brick-and-mortar operation was initially shut down by the pandemic response and then forced to operate in a limited capacity for some time. Throughout this time, the audacious owner pivoted her focus, leaned heavily on selling her relatively new line of private label beauty products, Sandra Plasencia, directly to her loyal clientele for home use. This not only kept Casa Sandra profitable. It also opened the door to a new wave of business growth: e-commerce.

At this point, Casa Sandra has been able to largely resume operations in Chicago. Nevertheless, the pandemic has ultimately served as a launching point to take the brand’s highly lauded personal beauty and skincare products onto the national stage. With the worst of her struggles in the rearview mirror, it will be fascinating to see how far Plasencia can take her deep experience and fledgling product line in the months and years ahead.

About Casa Sandra: Casa Sandra was founded by Sandra Plasencia in 2004. The brand was originally named Havana Nights Nails & Spa Inc. and catered to local customers in the Chicago area. In 2018 Plasencia privatized her own line of skincare and beauty products. Two years later she rebranded her business as Casa Sandra, taking her new products from a local luxury to a nation-wide amenity in the process.

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