Transforming Lives: Harmony Senior Housing Launches Campaign to Create Affordable Senior Housing

READING, Pa., Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Harmony Senior Housing, an initiative led by the Small Business Resource Center Online, unveils an ambitious plan to address the critical shortage of affordable senior housing in Reading, Pennsylvania. With the vision of providing a safe haven for seniors facing the challenges of escalating rent rates and limited fixed incomes, Harmony Senior Housing aims to create a vibrant community space where seniors can live comfortably without fear of eviction or unfair rental hikes.

The pressing issue of inadequate affordable housing for seniors is one that strikes at the heart of the community. Recent statistics reveal that over 20% of Reading’s residents are aged 65 and older, a number expected to rise. Despite this, the availability of suitable and affordable housing options for seniors falls woefully short.

“We’ve witnessed too many seniors on fixed incomes being forced out of their homes due to rising property taxes and unaffordable rents. Trying to help them one by one isn’t enough. We need a collective effort to make a lasting change,” states Peter B Gustis, Founder and Principal of Harmony Senior Housing.

The flagship project of Harmony Senior Housing involves the conversion of a blighted 125,796 square foot warehouse at 500 N 3rd Street, Reading, PA, into 188 to 244 affordable senior apartments. The total cost for this transformative project is estimated at $30 million, with each unit approximately costing $135,245.

The development isn’t merely about creating affordable apartments; it’s about fostering a thriving community. “At Harmony Senior Housing, we’re building more than just homes; we’re cultivating a vibrant association where seniors actively participate in creating a fulfilling lifestyle,” affirms Gustis.

The planned amenities include a community center, fitness facilities, cafeteria, salon and spa, rooftop decks, and transportation services. Seniors will have the opportunity to engage in diverse activities, from wellness workshops to social mixers, art exhibitions, and intergenerational events with local schools and colleges.

The timeline for the development spans approximately 24 months, divided into phases ranging from pre-development assessments to post-construction stabilization.

To realize this vision, Harmony Senior Housing is seeking support and contributions from local and national businesses, corporations, and individuals who share the commitment to improving the lives of seniors in the community.

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Harmony Senior Housing is a beacon of hope for seniors seeking stability, security, and a community where they can thrive. Your support can turn blight into a thriving haven for those who deserve a dignified and comfortable place to call home.

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