United Regions Van Lines Offers Unbeatable Moving Assistance for Seniors

MILWAUKEE, Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — United Regions Van Lines Provides Senior Citizens with Unmatched Moving Assistance.

United Regions Van Lines (United Regions Van Lines) provides senior citizens with specially curated moving assistance to ensure they have a better relocation experience. Long-distance moving is stressful for anybody. It takes an undeniable physical and financial toll, even in the best of circumstances. 

However, senior citizens often feel these impacts even more. Asking an elderly individual to cope with the stress of moving may be too much to ask and prevent them from moving, even if that means further struggling in their current situation. If they do move, seniors may have difficulties recovering from the financial, physical, and emotional impacts thereof. 

In hopes of providing seniors with an easier moving experience, United Regions Van Lines offers a complete seniors’ moving package to make this process significantly easier.

After conducting research into the reasons why seniors move and the complications they face in long-distance moving, United Regions Van Lines created a moving package to better meet those needs, taking into consideration that moving for senior citizens is often accompanied by other traumatic life changes, such as the death of a spouse or caregiver, retirement, financial concerns, or a loss of independence. Many also experience significant anxiety over the fate of their treasured belongings.

In addition to the stressors that are typical from state-to-state moving, seniors often face more significant pressure and anxiety related to the moving process and the unfamiliarity of new surroundings. 

Because of this increased pressure on seniors, United Regions Van Lines has created a senior moving package that includes assigning only the most experienced cross-country movers and packers to these moves and using the best packing materials. Additionally, senior moving services offer multiple delivery locations and include the loading of all items. 

When a senior citizen is downsizing and moving simultaneously, United Regions Van Lines will safely and carefully deliver their possessions to their new place of residence, a predetermined storage facility, or an additional home. This way, all items arrive safely and the senior is able to quickly regain a sense of comfort and familiarity by having their cherished items nearby.

During the moving process, packers and movers will pay especially close attention to items that tend to have the most emotional significance. These can be photographs, medals, furniture, keepsakes, showpieces, and articles of clothing. Movers will ensure these items arrive intact and are treated with care. Additionally, movers will work to make these items accessible quickly. In offering these services, United Regions Van Lines hopes to meet a need that other cross-country movers have not. 

By taking care of these very common concerns for the elderly that are moving, loved ones and caregivers may be able to focus more directly on the needs of the senior citizen they are assisting. United Regions Van Lines understands that moving an elderly loved one takes a significant amount of work and can be emotionally draining as well.

In addition to these specially curated, high-quality, and attentive state-to-state moving services, any senior citizen who uses United Regions Van Lines is fully entitled to all of the standard practices, protections, and guarantees offered to long-distance moving customers. These services include furniture assembly and disassembly, packing, shock- and waterproofing items, setting up electronic items, and white glove service to ensure perfect execution. 

All of these are offered by a company with more than 25 years of experience and cross-country movers with a minimum of two years of experience in commercial moving. United Regions Van Lines is fully-insured and DOT-certified.

United Regions Van Lines operates in more than 30 states, with warehouse facilities in seven states and a growing fleet of 18-wheelers, which allow the company to offer quality moving services to seniors and their family members. 

Because they have such an extensive reach, they are able to successfully complete moves occurring from coast to coast and border to border. Every customer of United Regions Van Lines deserves respectful, attentive service. The company’s senior moving services were created with this goal in mind.

About United Regions Van Lines: United Regions Van Lines was founded 25 years ago through the collaboration of a group of close friends. Since then, United Regions Van Lines has been an industry leader in long-distance, interstate moves while serving a wide range of clients. United Regions Van Lines is widely associated with quality, customer service, and exceeding industry standards. United Regions Van Lines is proud of its efforts to create a white glove moving package that offers door-to-door service. United Regions Van Lines offers interstate moving services across the United States. However, the company does have a primary focus on the West Coast, Midwest, and South. Anyone who is interested can learn more about United Regions Van Lines at https://unitedregionsvanlines.com/.

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