Vivo and Clayton County Partner to Increase Strength in Older Adults through Innovative Exercise Program

ATLANTA, Dec. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — A first-of-its-kind partnership between Atlanta-based Vivo and Clayton County, Georgia, is increasing strength and mobility in older adults through innovative small group exercise classes. The pilot program enrolled 60 participants and is expanding due to its success.

Earlier this year, Clayton County Senior Services sought to add an exercise class to their offerings that would improve not only the physical health of their community’s older adults, but their cognitive health as well. And they wanted the classes to be online.

Vivo, an evidence-based online strength training program designed specifically for older adults, offers more than 100 classes to participants in 33 states each week. Vivo’s trainers are experts in modifying exercises to accommodate varying levels of fitness and mobility.

Clayton County’s team led recruitment and Vivo’s trainers offered trial sessions to demystify the concept of online exercise training. The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) provided funding that enabled participants to enroll for a one-time membership fee of $5.

“Exercise has been proven to make a tremendous difference in our quality of health, cognitive abilities, and longevity, especially as we age. So, when ARC had the opportunity to support access to this innovative exercise program, we were thrilled to fund a pilot. We have been pleased to see the positive health impacts of this project,” says Becky Kurtz, Director of the Atlanta Area Agency on Aging.

Exercise classes were held twice weekly, virtually, for 44 older adults and in person for 16 older adults who visit Clayton County’s senior centers to receive nutrition assistance. Assessments were taken at the outset to establish baseline fitness levels and to set personal goals, and then after eight weeks to gauge progress.

Participants, who averaged 72.7 years of age, saw significant gains in strength, balance, agility and endurance; the majority attended more than 75 percent of their classes and expressed high satisfaction.

“Vivo has become a trusted and valued partner within our department,” says Tori Strawter-Tanks, Director of Clayton County Senior Services. “Our mission is to provide quality services to seniors that promote independence, dignity and enhance their quality of life. Programs such as Vivo are in line with our mission and our vision.”

The program’s positive response led Clayton County to renew funding to expand Vivo classes to their Kinship program for grandparents and their grandchildren.

“Clayton County Senior Services is truly changing the face of aging. We are thankful to the Atlanta Regional Commission’s Becky Kurtz for assisting us with making this partnership happen,” added Strawter-Tanks.

The successful program is one that Vivo is expanding with other partners.

“We’re truly excited about this program as a model for other counties and organizations looking for ways to increase health, quality of life and independence in older adults,” says Eric Levitan, Vivo’s founder and CEO.

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