Voyage Media Launches “True War Stories” Podcast Series

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Aug. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Voyage Media, an open platform that connects storytellers with audiences to create film, television and podcast content, today announced it has launched its highly anticipated "True War Stories: Mission Report" podcast series — the third series in the Firm’s new podcast division.

"True War Stories: Mission Report" is an anthology of historically true, gripping war stories told by the veterans who lived them, that will captivate listeners and fascinate history and war buffs. Each episode, a different true story spanning WWII to Vietnam, is told either by the veterans who lived it or those who are directly connected to their stories. They are artfully enhanced by original music, immersive sound design, and performances recreating some of these true moments in military life — the good and the bad.

Commenting on this unique, powerfully moving collection of stories, Nat Mundel, Voyage Media Founder and CEO, said "These are important stories, taken from the wars we’ve fought, stories that the world doesn’t usually get to hear about, stories that need and deserve a platform. With over 600 million listeners worldwide, audio drama podcasts have become a popular venue to share stories and benefit from distribution via the internet and mobile and without the need for multi-million dollar film budgets.

"In film and television, war stories are notoriously expensive to produce and cast, and the stories often soften the often-raw true nature of war because of that," Mr. Mundel explained. "Yet there’s this incredible audience for them – patriots, history buffs, the politically interested, and people who just love a good tale – so we curated this collection of stories for their realism, as well as the seemingly paradoxical uplifting acts of heroism, love and compassion that war often elicits."

Voyage elevates different voices with big stories that might not get to be told otherwise. The Firm is proud to provide a platform for storytellers and authors to come forward and tell their stories, including fiction and non-fiction, and across all genres. "True War Stories" is just that, true Americans telling their stories. The series’ first episode will be released on August 24th, and will be available on all major podcast platforms and You can listen to the first episode here:

The "True War Stories: Mission Report" anthology podcast series’ audio trailer is available here. One of the early episodes, Mary Edwards Walker, features Ms. Walker, still the only woman to receive the Medal of Honor in 1855, as played by actress Lili Taylor (The Conjuring, Six Feet Under), alongside two other modern female veterans, discussing how women’s treatment in the military has or hasn’t changed across the last 150 years.

More Than a Soldier: A young man joins the US Army in World War II, is captured by the Nazis, escapes through the floor of a moving train, and hides out with an Italian family, falling in love with their daughter, before trying to make his way home. The first episode, More Than a Soldier, is available here.

Camouflage Sisters: Veteran and woman of color Lila Holley shares her powerful bond with the sisterhood of the military, and some of the female veterans’ stories she’s collected (as performed by actresses reading first-person accounts).

Stormrider: Veteran Gordon Bocher shares the story of his plane crashing in Vietnam, expelling him into the most dangerous area of Vietnam, where he had to survive the night. Gordon was one of three survivors of this plane crash.

First Night: On his first night in Vietnam, a soldier witnesses one American soldier murder another American soldier.

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