Warehouse Network, More Trucks, Less Waiting: United Regions Van Lines Is Expanding Across the United States

MILWAUKEE, Sept. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — United Regions Van Lines is expanding their reach and efficiency across the United States with their network of warehouses and growing fleet of trucks.

Long-distance moves of any scale are a major hassle and significant stress for the vast majority of people. However, one of the biggest concerns for most people is delivery time. Moves almost always take more time than expected which, unfortunately, leads to a myriad of difficulties and obstacles. With the aim of reducing these barriers in the moving process, United Regions Van Lines are expanding their operations in several ways across the United States in order to meet demands, reduce waiting times, and deliver on ever-growing client expectations.

United Regions Van Lines currently holds and operates warehouses in California, Washington, Texas, Illinois, Virginia, Florida, and Colorado. Ultimately, this means that the company has setup a foothold across the United States. The spread of these warehouses allows the company to efficiently make both short inter-state trips as well as long cross-country moves. Despite not having warehouses in every single state, their current setup allows United Regions to operate in a great deal of neighboring states. As a matter of fact, the company regularly provides successful moving services in states such as New Jersey, Oregon, and Maryland.

In terms of transportation vehicles, United Regions Van Lines boast a fleet of 18-wheelers that do the vast majority of the heavy lifting. It is certainly worth mentioning that all of these trucks are wholly owned and maintained by United Regions. Which means, barring repairs and maintenance, the company can have these trucks up and running at their discretion and as needed. Recently, 7 new trucks have been added to the already-impressive fleet. To the customer, this will translate to shorter wait times, more efficient, and overall safer trips. The company is cognizant of waiting-time concerns and are acting accordingly to tackle this issue.

Not only do United Regions’ expansions further optimize their service but they also bring that service to a variety of new clientele who now have access to more efficient long-distance moving. Customers across the East coast, the Midwest, and the South can expect to be well-accommodated by United Regions’ network.

Importantly, speed and optimization alone are not the name of the game for United Regions Van Lines. At the forefront of their service, United Regions Van Lines have also developed a higher quality of moving experience relative to the industry. From the range of services offered, to the forms of clientele accepted, and even to the meticulous attention to detail taken within these services, high-quality relocation remains at the top of priority list. Speed and timing is simply a targeted pain point that is being resolved.

For instance, in relation to issues of damages, the company has developed a process to eliminate or, at the very least, reduce damages incurred during long-distance moves. Such moves can present a variety of dangers to one’s inventory. Whether it be unlucky weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns, or any number of other circumstances, shipping inventory is at-risk during relocation. In order to tackle this issue, United Regions Van Lines have a strong process for safe and secure packing and shipping.

Ideally, the company prefers to package all inventory themselves, using their own tested packing materials. Their packing methods and transportation procedures ensure that inventories are waterproofed and shockproofed.

When it comes to the disassembly of certain items. They are well-prepared to dismantle and properly store these items for the long trips. However, even when clients prefer to do the packing themselves, United Regions ensures that they offer clients their recommended packing materials to nonetheless improve the chances of items arriving with no damage. In addition to all of the procedures of disassembly and proper packing, the company performs extensive route planning that involves assessing the roads, the local communities, and the weather in an attempt to reduce mishaps along moves.

About United Regions Van Lines: United Regions Van Lines is the product of the dedicated work of a group of friends. For over 20 years, this moving company has specialized in exclusively long-distance interstate moves for clients of varying sizes. URVL is developing an all-inclusive service package that takes care of all aspects of the moving process. Their service extends from coast to coast and border to border covering many states but particularly focusing on the midwest, the south, and the west coast. Learn more about United Regions Van Lines at www.unitedregionsvanlines.com.

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